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VI on Disasters Management & National Resilience

VI on Disasters Management & National Resilience



Soon after the devastating tsunami in 2004, the government of Sri Lanka, enacted the Disaster Management Act of May 2005 to manage disasters holistically. The act provides the legal basis for a Disaster Risk Management (DRM) system in the country. The Act established the National Council for Disaster Management (NCDM). This high-level body provides direction to DRM work in the country. The Disaster Management Centre (DMC) under the Ministry of Disaster Management was established to implement the functions indicated in the Act in 2005.

The National Disaster Management Policy (NDMP) and the National Disaster Management Plan (NDMP) approved by the Cabinet of Ministers were developed to strengthen the operational aspects of the Disaster Management. Further, National Disaster Management Coordinating Committee (NDMCC) representing government agencies, I/NGOs, Universities, Private Sector, UN Agencies and Donor Community act as the national platform for coordinating DRM activities of all stakeholder agencies in Sri Lanka

Apart from the legislative and institutional framework of Disaster Management, Sri Lanka is amplified with sufficient scientific and technical knowledge in the sector of Disaster Risk Management (DRM). The country has a number of longstanding technical agencies and trained technical human resources. However, these institutions embrace different types of risk management agendas, including technical expertise, human resources, equipment and data, and they are not teamed together to share the existing resources, to work towards a common objective. Application of ST&I in Disaster Management projects has not been considered sufficiently. Since, science, technology and disaster management agencies work independently, it is important to have a collaborated network to share knowledge and technical expertise through a substantial system of coordination.

The Virtual Institute for Disaster Management was set up to bring together the currently dispersed expertise and experiences to a common platform in an effective manner to plan and implement Disaster Management projects which are more sustainable.

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