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VI to Harness Ocean Resources

VI to Harness Ocean Resources



The maritime area of 230,000 km2 belongs to Sri Lanka is about three times larger than the land area and its Exclusive Economic Zone is about 517,000 km2 which holds many avenues, explored and unexplored, providing countless possibilities further to the economic prosperity of the country.

A number of economic activities including maritime transportation, ship and boat building, tourism, fisheries and mining are carried out within the ocean territory of Sri Lanka and are contributing a substantial share to the national economy. Thus, it is vital to sustainable use of the ocean territory for sustainable development through their contributions to sustained economic growth, food security, poverty eradication and creation of sustainable livelihoods and decent work, while at the same time protecting bio-diversity of the coastal/marine environments while addressing the impacts of climate change. Investments in the appropriate science, technologies, innovations and on skilled human resources are must for gaining the maximum benefits in most of the ocean resources based sectors of Sri Lanka.

Therefore, the purpose of the virtual institute to harness ocean resource is to have a sustainably developed ocean resources sector emerging as a significant economic pillar in the national economy through facilitating acquisition of knowledge, transfer of technology, development of collaborative partnerships, to enable rapid innovation in order to sustainably exploit of ocean resources of Sri Lanka. In this regards, the virtual institute to harness ocean resource intends to facilitate networking and coordination among institutions and all relevant stakeholders engaged in ocean resources related activities on a common platform to generate a dialogue and discuss specific science, technology and innovation interventions and build projects of national relevance to make a robust coordination and monitoring framework.

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