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VI to Harness Biological Resources

VI to Harness Biological Resources


Why we need a virtual institute for harnessing biological resources?

Biological Resources, natural capital of a nation to fuel the economy of a country. It has important economic, technological and social implications for the nation. Sri Lanka has very high degree of biodiversity. Agricultural crops, livestock, forestry and wildlife, wetlands, costal and marine resources are some of the major biological resources which are enriched with high diversity and have potential to create wealth for nation. Sri Lanka can obtain greater benefits and management of these resources via close mutual or multilateral collaboration on exploration, Utilization and conservation of important plant and animal species, microorganisms, genes, enzymes, or other bio- active products that have potential economic value.

The STI policy has identified biological resources as a major area of concern, and accordingly COSTI expects to establish a Virtual Institute on the subject, expecting optimal mobilization of biological resources in the country.

Overall objective of Virtual Institute to Harness Biological Resources To conserve Sri Lanka's biological diversity and to ensure that its components are utilized in a sustainable manner with an effective system by using innovations and technologies to generate and improve products and services towards increasing per capita GDP via National Innovation Programs.

Specific Objective of VI on harnessing Biological Resources for economic development

• To identify/explore biological resources which economic value are not yet tapped/ underutilized.

• To Increase the high tech value added exports via utilizing advance, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology.

• To achieve a marked increase of import replacement via Strategic production and Focused research and development.

• To improve proper marketing chain/facilities.

• To develop a dynamic technology transfer platform.

• To ensure social sustainability in all activities in harnessing biological resources.

• To ensure conservation of biodiversity while harnessing resources.

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