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VI on Climate Change and Future Earth

VI on Climate Change and Future Earth



Climate change can be defined as change in the state of the climate due to natural internal processes, external forcing or due to persistent anthropogenic changes in the composition of the atmosphere or in land use. This greater or fewer extreme weather events, may be limited to a specific region, or may occur across the whole Earth. Future of our planet earth will be eventually a result of climate change. At present climatic situation is drastically changed due to human intervention and due to the side effect of industrial growth, hence its further deterioration should be restricted ahead to protect the future of Earth.

Climate change presents both challenges and opportunities for science, technology and innovation. The challenges arise as we try to understand climate change, the processes that drive it and the effects that it could have on our environment and society. The opportunities are in developing better ways to understand climate change and to devise strategies and technologies to mitigate impact on the environment and to adapt to the changes that will inevitably happen. Understanding climate change requires interdisciplinary input from the research community.

Generally, key sectors such as Food, Health, Water, Coastal and Biodiversity are considered to be affected by climate change and adaptation strategies need to be prepared on these core areas. Conversely, energy, transport, and industry are considered to be the key sectors to consider with regards to climate mitigation which means developing technologies that reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

In essence, the three basic concepts discussed under climate change, understanding climate change, climate mitigation and climate adaptation, depend on science, technology and innovation. Hence, a virtual institute of Climate change and future earth was introduced by COSTI. This virtual institute is a knowledge-based, results oriented collaborative STI network of multidisciplinary individuals, groups and organizations working through a virtual platform to identify, design, and strategize the implementation of national innovation programmes to understand, mitigate and adapt to climate change while sustainable socio-economic development for the benefit of future earth.

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