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VI for Balanced Provincial Development

VI for Balanced Provincial Development



Term Provincial Development is equivalent to the term Regional Development which comes under development studies. Regional development is a broad term but can be seen as a general effort to reduce regional disparities by supporting economic activities in regions (OECD). It is also often used in a relative context, comparing problem region/s with the prosperous regions. According to that, the most developed core region in Sri Lanka lies in the Western Province. Most of the economic activities such as industry, trade, commerce and services take place within the western province. As a result, regional disparities exist in most of the remaining areas in the country (Uduporuwa, 2007).

Since 2009, the country’s economic growth has been in a positive pathway. During the last a few years provincial disparities in economic growth has also reduced consecutively. But the reducing rate is very marginal. Considering the Gross Domestic Production (GDP), Western Province is still dominating the contribution for the GDP (43.4% - 2012, 44.2% - 2011, 44.8% - 2010). At the same time other provinces GDP growth rate is negligible. Therefore provincial development should be in the priority of national planning.

The role of the Virtual Institute (VI) for Balance Provincial Development (BPD) is to intervene towards reducing the prevailing development imbalances among the provinces in the country. The VI for BPD is generating a platform for provincial/regional development stake holders to work collaboratively towards better inclusion of Science, Technology & Innovations in to provincial development initiatives in Sri Lanka.

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